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Choosing the right course and company for you.

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Education seems to be an absolute minefield. So in this post I'm going to go through what you should be looking for when choosing the right education for yourself.


So lets start with qualification.

You need to find a course that has at least an accreditation via a known company. The accredited courses often have links with insurance companies so getting insurance in the industry is possible. If they don't come with accreditation it may be harder to gain insurance.

Id reccomend looking for a training provider who follows the National Occupational Standard. The NOS gives a base knowledge what students should be learning.

An NVQ or Diploma with different levels (1,2,3, & 4) are often obtained from local colleges. These have awarding bodies such as city & guilds, VTCT, ITEC & CIBTAC. These courses are through, in depth and follow the National Occupational Standards.

Ive recently seen many CPD courses and i was unsure myself what CPD meant. So i did a bit of reasearch and found CPD means continued professional development. This is a refresher or an upskill to something you already have foundation knowledge on.


Then look at what you are going to learn from the course

Look at the course breakdown, this should be easily accessible for potential students.

If your a complete 'nail newbie' the course should include Health and Safety, Anatomy & Physiology of the hands (feet if required), Core knowledge including things such as personal presentation, consultations and equipment.

Will you be learning just practical, or theory also.

Will you recieve a manual? Is this online or printed.


From this you then need to find out how long the course is.

Is the course viable for you?

If it is in person you may need to arrange childcare.

If it is online you need to find out how long sessions are and how often.


Assessments and exams

What will be expected from you as a student?

Some courses done require any assessments or exams. But how will you know if you are of a good standard without vital feedback from your tutor?

Is there any written exams for the theory work you have completed?

Exams are designed to test your knowledge of what you have learnt from the lessons.

In my eyes both theory and practical assessments and exams are vital for students and tutors.


Student support for online courses

How much student support will you recieve?

If you are completing an online course, do you just sign up and off you go?

When will you speak and liase with your tutor?

Does the support end once the course is complete?

As an educator I belive having a good solid connection with students helps students keep focused on their goal and achieving their dreams. I am still in contact with my tutors from over 10years ago! Even if it is just to say Hello :)

There is so much to take into consideration when deciding what's right for you. I'd reccomend short listing a few training providers and having abit of a chat!

Good luck and if you need a hand, give me a shout!

Jessica ; NEA.

It at he course viable you . How long are the sessions and how often.

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